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Passive 3D Glasses

Better 3D View produces passive 3D glasses which work with any passive 3D system. If you have a passive 3D TV set, our 3D glasses will work on your system. Our 3D glasses also work in movie theaters who use the REALD 3D system, which is the generally used system. So by getting your own pair of passive 3D glasses, you do not only enjoy 3D movies at home, but also in all movie theaters!

As we are a starting business, we currently offer one pair of passive 3D glasses. We hope to bring out more in the future. Our current pair is comfortable, fits over regular sized prescription glasses and come in a convenient set of two, including two complimentary high quality pouches to store them in.

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    Passive 3D Glasses

    Passive 3D Glasses
    $ 24.99
    • These passive 3D glasses come in a set of two! Watch 3D movies with the whole family. Spend more high quality leisure time.
    • The frame is designed to fit over your regular prescription glasses and still be comfortable.
    • Two microfiber pouches are included to clean and store your 3D glasses. Easily protect your high quality investment.
    • These best 3D glasses have thick and high quality lenses. Use them over and over again on all passive 3D TV systems.
    • Going to the movie theater? Simply bring these RealD 3D glasses and enjoy 3D movies in the theater, without having to use their recyclable ones.

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