Better 3D View VIP club now open

Better 3D View VIP Club header

After launching our passive 3D glasses on Amazon very recently, we have announced an interesting review promo shortly after. Today we would like to make another interesting annoucement. We would like to do something special for those who are interested in our business and would like to stay informed about B3DV. And in order to do so, we have now opened up the Better 3D View VIP Club.

Better 3D View VIP Club’s Advantages

Members of the VIP club will be sitting front row when it comes to developments of the company, discounts for (public) holidays, specials and promos, contests and the possible launch of any future products that may be added to the Better 3D View product line. We immediately take action to our promise by sending out a discount code as a welcoming gift. This discount voucher can be exchanged for a 10% discount on the purchase price of the passive 3D glasses on

Interesting to know is that we will be giving out special codes and doing special promos for VIP members only. All public promos will be mailed to the VIP members, so they don’t miss out on anything. But not all mails to VIP members will be announced publically. For example, a Facebook promo could offer 10% or 15% discount, while the VIP members receive an email with a code for the same promo, yet this code gives 20% discount instead. In short that means that VIP members will get more, different and better deals offered than anybody else.

If you would like to become a member of the Better 3D VIP club, you can do so by simply signing up at the bottom of every page on our website. Subscription is of course entirely free. And as mentionted above, we will thank you for becoming a member by sending you a 10% discount voucher immediately. Nothing to lose, so much to gain.