How our passive 3D glasses help to save money

Passive 3D glasses cover

Three ways our passive 3D glasses help to save money

The recent release of our passive 3D glasses help to save money in three easy ways. We released the glasses for potential buyers and users to enjoy three essential elements. People cannot only watch movies, but will also enjoy other benefits attached to it.

Passive vs Active systems

First, circular polarized glasses are cheaper in price compared to active glasses available on the market. While the initial purchase of a passive 3D TV has been made prior to purchasing our 3D glasses, we do push for and promote the use of the Passive 3D system over the Active 3D system, as this saves money to the customer in the long run. This is mostly due to the fact that passive 3D glasses do not require batteries and we hear from a lot of customers that their active glasses run empty, even when not in use. Hence, they need to replace the batteries frequently. A passive 3D TV system and glasses solves this problem without doing any concessions in quality.

Additionally, passive 3D glasses are not brand specific like active 3D glasses. Better 3D View’s passive 3D glasses can be used on any passive 3D TV system. Changing TV sets will not force the customer to purchase new 3D glasses. Our passive 3D glasses are essentially LG 3D glasses, Panasonic 3D glasses or even Sony 3D glasses, as long as it is a passive system, they will work.


Another way our passive 3d glasses help to save money, despite from saving money on batteries, is by not having to replace them as quickly as others may require. The glasses are built and produced using the most durable materials and have 1.4mm thick lenses which is much thicker than the normal flimsy type of lens. Therefore they are expected to have a longer lifespan than the other types and brands of 3-dimensional glasses. To further increase the lifespan of this product, we include two very high quality microfiber pouches to protect and store them in.

Durability is always an important element to consider before purchasing any product. There is no need to use recycable glasses in RealD theaters either as these can be used there as well. There is no need to buy new pairs as fast, since they are long-lasting. People can save money out of this benefit.


The last way our passive 3d glasses help to save money, is through comfort and satisfaction. Our 3D glasses are comfortable for the human face and eyes. In some cases the 3D glasses do not fit comfortably over regular prescription glasses, in other cases they could be too loose or too tight. We aim on a comfortable and good fit, by having flexible arms, so that one size fits all, but they don’t fall off or are too tight either, effectively reducing the chance a customer will want to replace them with another pair.

How our passive 3d glasses help to save money