Our website is officially launched

website launched

Website launched

After a busy period of developing our first pair of passive 3D glasses and making it the best possible version of itself, we were able to move forward and finish up our online presence with our shiny new website. Even though we are a starting business and our products are only available on Amazon.com for now, we felt it was very important to have a face to the product, an online center point where all the news and announcements will be made and of course where all customers can go to in need of support.

Why sell on Amazon only?

We are a Canadian based company that has decided to operate on Amazon.com, so the American market. The American market is almost 10 times the size of the Canadian one. We realize we are not doing our fellow Canadians a favor with this move, but in terms of growth prospects and, equally important, product feedback, we felt the American market was strategically a better choice. Hence the importance of our website, because even though we may be located in Canada, we want to be there for our customers and we should be as easy as possible to reach. In no way this will affect the customer service we provide.

Even though our aim is to eventually expand our product line onto the Canadian market as well, the question remains, why Amazon? Why not sell everything on our brandnew website like most retailers? The answer is simple: As a starting company, we are always searching for the most cost efficient method of bringing our products to the customer. With the sales volume Amazon does, they get amazing shipping prices and have an outstanding logistics system in place. The platform of Amazon allows us to get the product to market in the fastest possible way. Eventually we would like to start offering our products for sale on our own website as well, but for now the BUY button on our product page for the passive 3D glasses leads directly to the product page on Amazon.com.