Passive 3D glasses from new company Better 3D View

passive 3D glasses launch header

We are excited to announce that we have officially opened our doors! Better 3D View, or in short, entered the market of passive 3D glasses by launching a pair that doesn’t just look good, but is comfortable and durable as well.

When talking about 3D glasses, the first thing that comes to mind are the oversized glasses with blue and red lenses. And with the 3D TV market ever expanding, the demand for 3D glasses is growing at the same time. Almost all TV’s currently sold are 3D equipped and most TV manufacturers provide only one or two pairs with the actual TV. And in some cases they do not provide any. Watching a movie with a family of four would then be problematic. Ordering extra pairs from the TV manufacturer is often not possible or excessively expensive. This is where Better 3D View tends to fill the gap.

For an extraordinary affordable price, we offer two pairs in a box. The pairs are flexible to fit any size and the lenses are thick and circular polarized. Plus, don’t expect to have a blue and red lens, because these glasses are very stylish and can easily be used in public places such as movie theaters as well. Plus, if your prescription glasses are not too big, you can wear your 3D glasses on top.

With each box of two pairs there are also two very soft, high quality, microfiber pouches included. They are thick and strong and can be used to store your 3D glasses safely without getting damaged.

Check out our stylish passive 3D glasses here.