Review promotion Passive 3D Glasses started

review promo

As a starting company, we stand by our brandnew passive 3D glasses. In fact we believe so much in our product that we would like to start a review promotion! We will give some passive 3D glasses away at a heavily discounted price, in order for you to test it out. It is one thing to see high quality photos of our 3D glasses, but it is a whole other game if you can actually touch and feel them, and really test them out.

Our lenses are thick, the frame is sturdy, but flexible. And our microfiber pouches are extremely soft. But why not test this for yourself and try them out? We encourage you to go to the movie theater with our passive 3D glasses. The only thing we ask in return is that you leave us an honest and objective review on our Amazon listing. Even if the review is not the best, we still want to hear your opinion on our product! We manufacture the product for you, so if you are not entirely satisfied, we need to know why so we can further improve it.

If you are interested in reviewing our product at a heavily discounted rate, please feel free to leave us a message through our contact form*.

*Please note, certain conditions apply:
1. You must be located within the USA
2. You cannot resell the product after
3. You must leave a review within a week after receiving the product
4. You cannot share your discount code – it is your personal code so we will know who shared it if it goes viral
If you abide by these fair game rules, then don’t wait and get in touch with us!