Watching 3D movies is a healthy activity

watching 3D movies is a healthy activity

Watching 3D movies is a healthy activity

Everybody watches movies, whether that is at the movie theater or at home and whether you like science fiction, action, comedy or adventure. It is simple, everybody has a sense of need to be entertained. Some critics say that people spend too much time in front of the television. And while too much of anything is never a great idea, we would like to state the opposite: it can be a healthy and very valuable activity to watch movies, films, shows or TV together, as a family. In fact, watching shows together has several benefits and in this article we will explain why.

It strengthens family bonds

First and foremost, the primary benefit of watching (3D) films as a family is to improve the emotional attachment. The reasoning behind this is the shared or common interest in subjects. Think about fathers and sons who enjoy watching a movie about fast cars, or mothers and daughters who enjoy watching a movie about a teenage girl growing up. The key here, is that each family member gets the chance to propose a topic or subject to watch and as a group you decide if this topic is interesting for all of you.

An added benefit is that this automatically creates an opportunity to bring up difficult conversational topics with your children. If a topic is represented in a movie, it can be very valuable to discuss what they have seen and let them try to explain how this affects the main character in the movie, or perhaps even themselves. As a parent it is the ideal situation to provide parental guidance and steering. If there is a family issue, finding a movie or documentary that handles this particular topic, could be an interesting way to tackle the problem.

It helps the children become generally more succesful as a person and in life

Spending time together as a family has many great benefits for the children. Watching movies is only one of the ways, but the essential ingredient is there: being together. Studies from Family Facts show that children who spend more time with their parents, achieve more success academically, have less chance on substance abuse, have less chance to become violent and have an increase of self-confidence.

Another huge benefit of watching shows together is the opportunity to provide fun and educational shows to children. Parents from different backgrounds and with different languages are able to provide cartoons and shows or movies in their mother languague to intrige the childrens brain to remain open for more than one languae for an extended period of time. This largely increases the chance that children become bi-langual, or even tri-langual. This is just one example of good use of educational presentations, but there are of course plenty of other possibilities.

It develops family trust and safety

Being able to laugh together and share this as a family creates a sense of trust. Trust removes barriers and creates a sense of safety. Children will feel comfortable to share things that happen in their life. Plus, equally important, the will have the sense of feeling protected by their parents as a result of guidance and sharing these intimate moments. Giving children a sense of safety is something every parent seeks. Hence, using movies as a tool to provide this element can be very valuable.

It develops the couple’s relationship

Last, but definitly not least: not only will children benefit from sharing this simple activity, couples or the parents also reap the benefit from it. Nowadays, life goes at an extraordinary pace. Having children largely increases the sense of stress and being (too) busy. More often than not, this puts tremendous stress on the couple. Sharing quality movie time as a family and using it as a tool to strenghten the family bond, will increase the sense of being succesful parents and will decrease stress levels on the couple.

Furthermore, being able to spend time together while watching a (3D) movie, as a couple, by asking the grandparents or friends to babysit the children for a night, will also largely decrease stress on the couple and effectively strenghten the relationship. As a result couples have an overall higher level of satisfaction.


If used the right way, watching 3D movies is a healthy activity and can positively affect families. The experience of a 3D movie can largely positively impact this experience further.

watching 3D movies is a healthy activity